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Natural microbiological resources with using useful probiotics - ProBio Ems.


  • Microorganic algae

    Microorganic seaweeds are an unique cosmetic which has no counterparts in the market. It contains only two ingredients which are extraordinarily valuable: seaweeds (Ascophyllum nodosum) and ProBio Powder.

  • Alginit
  • ApiBioFarma

    ApiBioFarma - is a supplemental feed mixture enriched with herbs for bee families.

    veterinary approval numberPL 0214826 p.

  • ApiFarma

    ApiFarma is a natural probiotic preparation for hygienization of equipment, beehives, whole frames including bees and clothes. It pushes away pathogenic microflora and interposes welfare in place of use. It enhances the resistance of development of illness (particularly mycosis).

  • Bokashi

    Bokashi is a high quality natural fertilizer for soil. Organic matter containing aerobic and anaerobic probiotics.

  • BioKlean Soft

    BioKlean Soft - gentle preparation based completely on natural ingredients deriving from organic farming. Useful for every household task. Cleanses, refreshes and ionizes environment by displacing infective microflora and implanting useful probiotics.

  • BioKlean Wash
  • EmFarma

    EmFarma is a composition of several dozen useful probiotics containing, for example, lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, phototropic bacteria, actinobacteria and fermenting fungi.

  • EmFarma Plus

    EmFarma Plus is a natural bioenchancer which boosts plant growth. It is a microorganic preparation enriched with phototropic bacteria (more resistant to sunlight) what makes it more efficient than EmFarma at decay of organic matter and it increases accessibility of mineral ingredients (mainly nitrogen).

  • Ema5

    Ema5 natural microorganic preparation which is suppressing the amount of pathogens and pests lingering in soil.

  • Ema5 with Tansy

    Ema5 with Tansy™ - this preparation is effective at suppressing the populations of Otiorrhynchus, scarab beetles, click beetles and eliminating them.

  • ProBiotic Essence

    ProBiotic Essence is a composition of 15 selected useful microorganisms and their metabolites, necessary mainly for normalization of functioning of gut microflora. It pushes away infective, pathogenic microflora and replaces it with useful microorganisms.

  • Molasses from the Sugar Cane

    Mollases is a semi-finished product made in process of sugar production after three boilings. Ic contains composition of useful microorganisms. It derives solely from organic farming controlled according to environmental policy of the European Union.

  • Microorganic soap

    Microorganic soap™ is a natural microorganic cosmetic for whole body care, hair, palms, feet, intimate hygiene, for every type of skin, for every age group, even for infants. Is it completely natural, safe for people and environment.

  • Green Soap (a Bar)

    Green Soap™ 100% of nature in a bar. Green Soap is intented for sensitive skin. It contains natural probiotic supplements. It has extraordinary regenerative and antioxidantic properties deriving from organic additions.

  • Brown Soap (a Bar)

    Brown soap™ with bilberry and grains based on vegetable fats for combination skin type.

  • Green Soap (Liquid)

    Green Soap™ is a gentle hypoallergenic cosmetic with regenerative properties for sensitive skin.

  • Szampon Mikroorganiczny
  • Pro-Biotic (Em-15)

    Pro-Biotyk (Em15)™ - natural probiotic preparation enhancing natural resistance of every animal and poultry. 

    veterinary approval numer: PL 2819010 p.

  • Pro-Biotic for pigeons

    Pro-Biotyk for pigeons is a supplemental feed mixture based on parent cultures (SCD ProBio Food®). It counteract diseases of gastrointestinal tract, increases digestive tolerance of feeds, enhances general resistance and condition of farm animals and pets, curbs contribution of medicines during the breeding.

  • ProBio Ceramic

    ProBio Ceramic™ is a special sort of loam implanted with probiotics, burned up in high temperatures, oxygen-limited conditions. Molded in pipes, has wide range of use.

  • ProBio Powder

    Ceramic ProBio Puder is an extraordinary composition of minerals, source of paramount elements. It has wide range of use, it is supremely valuable in cosmetology, takes care of skin and hair.

  • ProBio Cleaner

    ProBio Cleaner – is a successor of ProBioKlean Soft but it's much stronger because of its composition. Useful for public utilities.

  • ProBio SANIT

    ProBioSANIT - is a natural resource based on useful microorganisms SCD ProBio Plus for sewage treatment plants, landfills and composting plants. It accelerates decay of organic matter, cleanses pipes and sewerage, eliminates rotting and enhances composting process.

  • SCD ProBio Original

    Enhancing quality of the soil, neutralisation of bad odours, hygienization of spaces.

    Certificate: PZH/HT-2508/2011

  • SCD ProBiotica

    SCD ProBiotica™ - composition of 15 probiotic strains, enhanced with extracts from 19 herbs. Effective detoxication and purification of the organism.

  • Xtra Life

    SCD Xtra Life® is an effective probiotic for people suffering from chronic exhaustion and weakening of organism.

  • ProBiotics for dogs

    ProBioAnimalia Canis are formulations based on useful microorganisms for the care and nutrition of dogs. ProBioAnimalia Canis for dogs contains preparations such as: probiotic mouth spray, shampoo, hygieniser, conditioner and probiotic to improve the intestinal microflora and the stomach of the dog.

  • Pro-Biotyki dla koni
  • Pro-Biotyk dla kotów
  • PreBio Balm
  • Probiotyczny płyn do mycia naczyń
  • ProBio Dentis