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ApiFarma 1L

ApiFarma is a natural probiotic preparation for hygienization of equipment, beehives, whole frames including bees and clothes. It displaces pathogenic microflora and interposes welfare in place of use. It enhances the resistance of development of illness (particularly mycosis).

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ApiFarma - is a supplemental feed mixture for bee families.

veterinary approval numberPL 0214826 p. 

Composition of probiotics developed in natural fermentation process with useful probiotics and molasses from the sugar cane.


Enhancement of condition of weakened families.

Prolongation of lifespan of the bees.

Stabilization of welfare of bee families.

Limitation of development of infective microflora.

Enhancement of digestion processes, boost of digestibility of feed.

Suppression of food poisonings.

Increase of syrup's durability during winter.


Addition to waterhole: 1L of ApiBioFarma™/100L of water. 1L of ApiBioFarma™ is sufficient for about 20 families (choice of dose depends on individual assessment of condidion of the bee family).

Addition to syrup: Winter and spring season: 100-150 ml of ApiFarma™ for a family (1L of ApiFarma™ for about 10 families). During summer: 50 ml for a family (1L of ApiFarma™ for about 20 families).

Hygienization: Bespatter interior of the beehive with solution of ApiFarma™ (proportions: 500 ml of ApiFarma™ for 3L of water - for about 10 beehives) after cleaning internal pollutions. Spraying of whole beehive, bees included, is recommended. Bespatter frames and places where symptoms of must occured. Spray infected worms, disinfect work tools in apiary. Pressure sprayer is recommended for application.


Don't mix it with chemical preparations for protecting plants, artificial fertilizers, detergents and disinfectants. Don't apply during high temperature insolation.


Keep in dark and cool place, away from children. After opening store it in the refrigerator.