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Brown Soap™ (in a bar) 250 g Maximize

Brown Soap™ (in a bar) 250 g

Brown soap™ with bilberry and grains based on vegetable fats for combination skin type.

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Useful microflora and valuable nutrients contained in this soap enrich and regenerate skin, accelerate wound healing, improve hair healthiness and prevent the skin from inflammations.


Brown soap intended for whole body care:

Boosts, feeds and enhances skin tone.

Constitutes balance of pH with help of microfloral metabolites.

Vitalizes the complexion.

Gently peels of the cuticle and feeds regenerating cells.

Significantly moisturizes.

Perfect preparation for hair washing.


Roasted grains with big amount of macro and microelements.

Bilberry - extract from peat with big amount of organic acids which revitalise the skin.

Molasses - soothing and feeding, enhances the complexion.

Fermented herbs (mint, chamomile, thyme) - containing valuable biological substances such as essential oils, amino acids and vitamins.

Potato flour - starch is gentle for the skin, doesn't provide inflammations, soothes pruritus in case of atopic dermatitis and eczema. Doesn't stuff pores.


There was no side effects recorded. Preparation is completely natural, without pigments or preservatives. 


a bar 250 g