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Footage containing utterances of farmers using ProBio Ems in their farms. In this episode we can see effectiveness of probiotics in eliminating greenflies, mildew and fungus. Use of ProBio Ems reduced occurence of diarrheas in animals and varroosis in bees.

discussion on probiotics in „TERAZ WIEŚ” show

Interlocutors: Sławomir Gacka - manager of National Center of Microorganisms in Bratuszyn and Michał Morelowski - director of Training Courses and Information in “Probiotics Polska”. Discussion on maintaining internal balance and biologization in Silesia. Interlocutors discuss on use of probiotics and agricultural producers talk about positive experiences with ProBio Ems.


Witold Nowakowski: crops have been declining for 30 years. Artificial fertilizers are stored in ground. There are approx. 80 probiotic strains in the soil. It is recommended to fecundate crops with probiotics. Concentrates must be applicated for whole time of plants vegetation, not only in selected periods.

MINISTER of agriculture and rural development on probiotics

“Probiotics for contemporary world” conference. Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development as a guest.

PRobiotic influence on plants

Marzena Marzec: Probiotics are compositions prepared from microorganisms, which in every environment, hops crops included, reduce occurence of diseases, enhance plat growth, prevent from rotting and from vermins. Researches on probiotics were conducted among others in Jastków, Poland: 11 sprayings during the season perfectly prevented crops from vermins.

PROBIO EMs in herbal crops

Ecological herbal crops such as purple coneflower (Echinacea), Lovage, Plantago psyllium L., common marshmallow used in pharmaceutical and food industries. Chemical-free, using only useful influence of ProBio Ems.

PROBIO EMs in strawberry and tobacco crops

Utterances of planters of tobacco and strawberries on advantages coming from use of probiotics on their farms. Profits in the fields of finances, crops quality and taste.

PROBIOTics in tobacco crops

4 mln hectares of tobacco are cultivated in the world annually. SCD Probiotics decided to conduct a research on reducing amount of chemicals used in tobacco cultivation. Research showed that use of probiotics led to faster decomposition of crops residues after winter, better plant growth, more leaves, quality of soil enhancement. Financial scores has also improved: there was a 25% increase of productiveness and quality of tobacco. 

Opening of probiotics manuractory in bRATUSZYN

New investment has significant influence on biologization of agricultural systems. ProBio Ems - probiotics are needful for environmental protection and production of food. Sławomir Gacka from Center of Microorganisms Probiotics Polska talks on opening and on high position of Poland which is crucial producer of European market.