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1.1. Online shop Centrum Mikroorganizmów, available on website, by company "IMPERIUM" ul. Święty Marcin 29/8, 61-806 Poznań, NIP 7670005279, REGON 639715075                                 

1.2. Following terms of use establish rules of usage of website, concluding an agreement, execution of purchase agreements transacted by this website in particular.                                                                                    

1.3. Placing an order in online shop Centrum Mikroorganizmów means that Client accepts all terms of these Terms of Use.                                                                                                                                                  

1.4. Prices stated on our website contain VAT, are put in PLN and do not contain delivery costs.

1.5. Price listed while ordering is a binding price.                                                                                            

1.6. Only adults can place an order.                                                                                    

1.7. Shop reserves the right to change contents of Terms of Use. In following subparagraphs we listed conditions of online ordering, forms of payment, prices and delivery conditions.


2.1. Orders can be placed by online shop website, by phone (telephone: 536 822 832) or by email (email address:                                                                                        

2.2. In case of inability to contact and verify of order Online Shop reserves the right to suspend order execution.          

2.3. Client has the right to change order, in part, completely or recall the order until sending of the order. If for any reason you change your mind please notify forthwith our worker by phone: 536 822 832.                    

2.4. Orders are executed on a first come first served basis. If for any reason product isn't available in our warehouse client will be notified forthwithly about that fact to decide if order should be executed partially or recalled.

2.5. Orders are executed in 1-7 weekdays period (in case of prepayment time of realization in calculated from the day of posting the payment). Delivery time should be added to the time of realization.          

2.6. Online Shop is not in charge of Poczta Polska delays (stated time of delivery: 1-2 weekdays).                                                                           

2.7. Proper filling of form is a necessary precondition. Data which must be included: place of delivery, telephone number, email address.                                       

2.9. Products will be delivered to address marked in form.                                                                                                       

2.10. Online Shop reserves the right to refuse to realize questionable orders.  


You can pay for ordered products in following ways:

3.1. Cash on delivery – pay during collection of the package via courier.

3.2. Bank transfer – transfer money to following bank account. This form of payment must be realised in 7 weekdays period from the order placement. Otherwise order will be recalled.

Payment data transfer: PKO Bank Polski S.A.
                          88 1020 5558 0000 8402 3036 3051
                          Put order number in the title of bank transfer.

3.3. Online Payments. Authorization of online payments is processed by professional system of online payments realisation Client, after chosing form of payment, is redirected to site enabling authorization of transaction. Important! Packages paid with bank transfer or with online payments are realised after posting the payment on bank account of Online Shop.                                                                                                                                                          

Prepayment is a recommended form of payment to minimize costs.

Online Shop reserves the right to surcharge Clients with additional costs connected with delivery. If you are interested in delivery beyong the polish borders please contact us earlier to establish delivery conditions (costs, terms).


4.1. Buyer is obliged to collect ordered products and to settle a payment for order according to chosen form of payment. Buyer can refuse to collect ordered packages only in case of finding damage during collection. In this case Buyer should draw up the minutes in the presence of representant of Poczta Polska. This protocol will become a justification of return of damaged goods.

4.2. Online Shop will take a stance on Buyer demands in 14 weekdays period from submission. Day of returned package's deliverance to Centrum Mikroorganizmów is considered to be day of complaint submission.

4.3.  Information on Centrum Mikroorganizmów websites do not consitute an offer to trade within the meaning of the Civil Code. Client makes a bid for certain product or products on conditions mentioned in product description by ordering with help of mechanisms available on online shop websites. Moment of sale agreement succeeds during written acknowledgment of package from Client.                                                                                                            

4.4. Terms of Use establishes conditions of purchases in Online Shop Centrum Mikroorganizmów. Placement and validation of order are tantamount to acceptance of all resolutions and information in the Terms of Use.


5.1. Obtained personal data of the Client is used for order execution.

5.2. All data obtained by Online Shop Centrum Mikroorganizmów are confidential.

5.3. During registration Client can reserve that he wants/doesn't want to receive marketing information.

5.4. Client can change his personal data provided during registration.


6.1. All points of Terms of Use are binding for both: Client and Online Shop Centrum Mikroorganizmów.

6.2. All disputes will be solved amicably, by person responsive for selling.

6.3. In other cases disputes will be solved by appropriate court. Court appropriate for the main office of Online Shop Centrum Mikroorganizmów is appropriate to solve disputes deriving from agreement reached in the time of order placement.