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Used preparations: EmFarma Plus, EmFarma, Ema5, Bokashi


Shrubs multilated with diseases or ground frosts can be regenerated with 0,5-1L of EmFarma Plus/9,5-19L of water (5-10% solution). Spraying should be performed 3-4 times for a year. Shrubs will become more resistant to diseases, populations of weevils and other pests will decrease. Shrubs will be growing better and their coloring will be more intense.

Rose bushes should be sprayed once in 3-4 weeks period with 5% solution of EmFarma Plus. It will prevent from development of fungal diseases and weevils. Add 10-20 ml of Ema5/1L of water to 2-3 treatments.
Bokashi is a significant addition to nurture of ornamental bushes which can be used as:
- addition to pot plants: sprinkle potting soil once or twice a month or as an addition to potting soil (0,5L of Bokashi/10L of soil)
- under trees in the garden (0,2-1 kg/1 m²
- addition to garden soil from compost: add 5% Bokashi and 1,5%-3% developed organic fertilizer into compost and mix precisely. Perform this treatment two weeks before using soil to sowing.