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ProBio Puder 0,5 kg

Ceramic ProBio Powder is an extraordinary composition of minerals, source of paramount elements. It has wide range of use, it is supremely valuable in cosmetology, takes care of skin and hair.

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Advantages deriving from use of ProBio Powder:

Cosmetics industry: used as baby powder, mineral addition for cosmetic creams, peeling addition, skin conditioner, pH regulator, natural preservative, non-allergenic, doesn't irritate, has antioxidative properties, activates useful microflora, displaces pathogenic microflora.

Food industry: addition to salads, spice for meat, addition to animal feed.

Architecture: eliminates indoor fungi prevents from mildew. After cleansing fungi surface area paint it with powder as an addition to paint (0,3-0,4 kg of ProBio Powder/100 m²). This will prevent painted area from development of infective microflora.

Used also for water treatment, causes exchange of Calcium cation for Sodium.

Used as drying and cleansing substance.

Appropriate for every type of skin. Especially recommended for sensible skin and acne-prone skin because it doesn't stuff pores and doesn't contain any fats.

No additional preservatives or perfumes.

Mixture of microorganic algae and ProBio Powder guarantees satisfaction from eliminating many skin problems and cellulite.

Used for teeth cleaning.

Absorbs gases (for example ammonia) in animal litter boxes and eliminates bad odors. 


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