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MOLASSES from the Sugar Cane 1L Maximize

MOLASSES from the Sugar Cane 1L

Molasses - our product contains the lowest amount of sugar amidst every types of molasses and highest rate of nutrients (manganese, magnesium, potassium, calcium, copper, ferrum, selenium and vitamin B6).

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Mollases is a semi-finished product made in process of sugar production after three boilings. It contains composition of useful probiotics. It derives solely from organic farming controlled according to environmental policy of the European Union.


This product is intended for plant food, multiplies probiotics from SCD ProBio Original group and enhances fermenting processes.

Revitalisation of ponds and waterholes: 
For example preparing Bokashi Balls.

Bokashi Balls: 
Specifically prepared Bokashi Balls are bringing back biological balance in artificial bodies of water, eliminate bad odors and reduce water turbidity in ponds.

Ingredients of Bokashi Balls: clay, probiotic cultures, Bokashi - fermented wheat and rice brans, molasses from the sugar cane and non-chlorine water.

Recipe for Bookashi Balls:
 Stir clay with slight amount of slime from destined pond. Additions for 500 grams of Bokashi: 5 kg of clay + 0,25L of Molasses from the Sugar Cane + 100 ml of preparation with probiotics + non-chlorine water (from the same pond or well). Proportion of the water should be adjusted to consistency of mass so mass could be formed in balls. After forming balls keep them in dark and warm place for a week. In this period of time useful probiotics will reproduce oneself in the balls). After that balls are ready to use. Drop 1-2 Bokashi Balls for 1 m² of water. This procedure should be repeated twice for a season, during spring and at the end of a summer. Moreover we can also use preparation with probiotics (for example EmFarma) as an adjunct. No longer than in two weeks after the procedure scums of organic matter which arise from the bottom of the pond will occur on the surface of the water. This will be indicating normal and natural course of revitalisation. Gradually water will become lucid and algae will fade away. Later, when balance will be determined, there will be no necessity to reapeat this process every year.




Keep in cool place at 10-18°C. If it's difficult for you to pour out Molasses from the container try to warm up the bottle by soaking it for some time in a dish filled with hot water.


Do not mix it with any chemicals.


1L=1470g, 5L, 10L

Ecological Molasses from the Sugar Cane:

Certification of Green Products from OkoP Zertfizierungs GmbH, D.