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Pro-Biotic for pigeons® 1L Maximize

Pro-Biotic for pigeons® 1L

Pro-Biotic for pigeons® supplemental feed mixture based on probiotic mother culture (SCD ProBio Food®) for pigeons and ornamental poultry. Added to water or feed.

veterinary approval numer: PL 0214826p.

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ProBiotic for pigeons:
- prevents from diseases of gastrointestinal tract
- enhances digestibility of feeds 
- increases resistance and condition of farm animals and pets
- reduces amount of medications during raising

Pro-Biotic for pigeons® used extrinsically reduces mycosis and parasites approaches.


Pigeons: add 2 ml/1L of water,
feed: 2 ml/1 kg twice in a week,
bath: 4 ml/1L of water.

Ornamental poultry: 2 ml/1L of water minimum 3 times in a week.

Hygienization of utility rooms (chikencoops, dovecots, aviaries etc.): spray with 10% solution of Pro-Biotic for pigeons® (100 ml/1L of water).


Amount of lactic acid bacteria (Lactobalillus casei CCM 3775, Lactobacillus plantarum 24001) - 3,86 x 106 jtk/1 ml, amount of yeasts (Saccharomycces cerevisiae MUCL 39885) - 7 x 103 jtk/1 ml, plant extracts, herbal composition, rock salt, molasses from the sugar cane, pure non-chlorine water >88%.


- raw protein 0,15 %,
- raw ash 0,002 %,
- sugars 1,21 %,
- Calcium 311,3 μg/g,
- Magnesium 126,5 μg/g,
- Phosphorus 16,5 μg/g.

0,2L, 0,5L, 1L