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ProBio Ceramic™ 12 pieces Maximize

ProBio Ceramic™ 12 pieces

ProBio Ceramic™ is a special sort of loam inoculated with probiotics, burnt up in high temperatures, oxygen-limited conditions. Molded into pipes, has wide range of use.

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Burnt ceramic emits infrared radiation of wide range and high emissions. Water filtered with ProBio Ceramic™ has more valuable physicochemical properties (higher rates of ionization, lite deacidation, lower oxidative potential) thus it's more digestible for organism. Used to water treatment, prolongating freshness of foodstuffs, eliminates unpleasant odors, reduces settling of limescale at boiling pots, boosts condition of pot plants, has analgetic properties, improves metabolism.


Loams, composition of probiotics, molasses from the sugar cane, restructurized water.

Loams inoculated with probiotics mature for many weeks at appropriate humidity and temperature and then are burnt in high temperatures (500°C-1200°C) depending on their intends. Shapes of burnt elements or dishes are adjusted to their future use.


Ceramic bracelets weared on legs (even just for nights) above ankles, wrists or on the neck prevent from stiffening and contracture of the limbs, reduce pain and lassitude.

Add 20-30 pipes (or more) into "energetic" bath by putting it in the bathtub during bathing (recommended for people suffering from muscular pain, pain in the spine and circulatory problems).

Put 5-10 pipes in the boiling pot for 1L of water before boiling.

Put some in container with potable water (for example in bottle of still water).

Put 10-15 pipes at the bottom of portable filter.

Counteracts unpleasant odors in the refrigerator, sideboards etc. (5-6 pipes for a shelf will be enough).

Put couple of pipes in the shoe rack to remove unpleasant odor and dampness. Putting 2-3 pipes into every shoe and rolling it up in fabric will also be effective.

Add it to the laundry, particles of the water will become smaller thus effectiveness of the laundering will increase. You can also put pipes into a pouch or a sock so the pipes won't be lingering at the bottom of washing machine cylinder. They prevent from limescale occurence in the washing machine, make dust easier to remove.

ProBio Ceramic™ has long-term effects. Immerse the ceramic for couple of hours in probiotic solution (for example in EmFarma) and air-dry.


12 pieces, 500 g.