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ProBio Cleaner 950 ml Maximize

ProBio Cleaner 950 ml

ProBio Cleaner – is a successor of ProBioKlean Soft but it's much stronger because of its composition. Useful for public utilities.

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ProBio Cleaner - concentrated probiotic preparation for cleaning and cleansing ceramic surfaces, wooden floors, wood grains, parquets, parquet floors, plastic surfaces.


Revitalised water, dried fruits, lavender oil, natural oils from lemon grass and eucalyptus, concentrates from fruit juices, fructose, SCD ProBio Original probiotic mother cultures, SCD ProBiotic Essence, SCD Ceramic Powder, fermented extract from spelt brans.


Cleaning floors and surfaces of every type.

Public utility rooms.

Washing and biologization of a house.


Cleaning the floors and surfaces of every type: Clean with 2-5% water solution of ProBio Cleaner. Spray the dirtiest places with 20% solution and leave it that way for 20 minutes - 1 hour. After that clean with 5-6% solution of ProBio Cleaner.

Ablutions and kitchens: Clean walls, floors and parquet floors with 5-10% solution of ProBio Cleaner. After that wipe with dry wiper or paper towel to reach gloss. Spray greasy spots on the walls, lockers or floors with 50% water solution of ProBio Cleaner and after 20-30 minutes clean with 5-10% solution of ProBio Cleaner.

Glass, mirrors and furniture: Pre-wet dirty place with 50% solution of ProBio Cleaner and clean with dry wiper or paper towel.

Cleaning of floor-covering and upholstering: Spray the surface of floor-covering or upholstering with 50% solution of ProBio Cleaner and leave for 30 minutes. Then brush down and vacuum-clean.

Washing: Pour one or two screw cap of ProBio Cleaner into washing powder container. ProBio Cleaner has anti-static effects and softens fabrics.


Removes the dirts.

Reduces unpleasant organic odors.

Reduces allergens and occurence of mildew.

Biodisinfects and biologizes places of application.

Displaces the infective microflora and suppresses or indisposes its development.

Leaves pleasant aroma of natural oils.


Don't mix with any chemicals, detergents or other disinfectants.


This preparation is completely natural and safe for the environment, people, animals and plants. In case of getting into eyes - clean with clear water.


Keep in dark and cool place, away from children.


0,95L, 5L, 10L, 20L.

ProBio Cleaner is allowed on to the market as natural concentrate to cleaning, cleansing and regeneration. (test result: PZH/HT-2687/2012).