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ProBio SANIT - is a natural preparation based on natural probiotics SCD ProBio Plus for sewage treatment plants, cesspits and composting. Accelerates decomposition of organic matter, clears out clogged pipes and sanitary sewers. Eliminates rotting processes, adjusts processes of composting.

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PROBIOTIC SCD TECHNOLOGY - natural technology of producing probiotic preparations from probiotic mother cultures SCD with other natural components in fermentation process. Highest hygienic and quality standards are always preserved.


Probiotic mother cultures SCD ProBio Plus, revitalised water, molasses from the sugar cane, ProBio Powder, fermented wheat brans, ethyl alcohol, vinegar.


Homesewage treatment plants.
Municipal sewage treatment.
Hygienization of utility rooms and tools.                                                                                                                  


Homesewage treatment plants:
First inoculation 1L/1 m³ of wastes. Application directly to the chambers. Later inoculation 4-5 times for a year but with significantly lesser doses by kitchen sink and other places of dumping wastes. Use of ProBio Sanit in homesewage treatment plant with 5 m³ capacity should amount 10-15L should amount.

Municipal sewage treatment:
Application of ProBio Sanit and other preparations by KWADRANT EkosystEM method.

0,5L – 2L of ProBio SANIT/1 m³ of wastes.

Hygienization of utility rooms and tools:
1L-3L/1 m³.


Activates and stabilizes fermentation processes of domestic waste water, municipal solid wastes and landfill leachates from agri-food sector.

Stabilizes and hygienizes waste water sludge and other organic sludges, simplifies theirs mineralization and reduces their volume.

Restores patency of sewage system and effluent–spreading systems, simplifies division of fats and mineralization of organic remains.

Effective at cleansing soiled and greased surfaces of devices (fat separators, settling vessels, floors, sumps and pump rooms).

Neutralizes odors, revitalises water, has antiseptic, probiotic and anti-oxidative properties.


Don't mix with any chemicals, detergents or other disinfectants.


This preparation is completely natural and safe for the environment, people, animals and plants. In case of getting into the eyes - clean with warm water.


Keep in dark and cool place, away from children.


1L, 5L, 10L, 20L.