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Conditioner for dogs 200ml Maximize

Conditioner for dogs 200ml

Microorganic conditioner has regenerative and moisturizing properties, its regular application strengthens the bulbs and rebuilds the hair structure. It also acts as a bacterio- and fungicide, providing natural protection to the hair and the skin. Prevents lashings and facilitates combing.

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Strains of microorganisms, argan oil (protects and regenerates the epidermis, alleviates allergy symptoms, has anti-inflammatory properties), coconut oil (helps fight against rashes, infections, relieves pruritis and improves the penetration of hair conditioner) and fermented: hops, marigolds and green tea (strengthens anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects).

• moisturizes and nourishes,
• has antimicrobial and antifungal properties,
• relieve itching,
• creates a protective layer,
• facilitates combing.
We use the conditioner after the dog's bath. Apply to the hair and skin, gently massage, distribute it carefully, leave 2-5 minutes and rinse.

Packaging capacity: 200 ml