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BioKlean Soft 1L

BioKlean Soft - gentle preparation based completely on natural ingredients deriving from organic farming. Useful for every household task. Cleanses, refreshes and ionizes environment by displacing infective microflora and inoculating useful probiotics. It has wide range of use, safe for every type of a surface.

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BioKlean Soft derives from natural fermentation of useful probiotics, ecological Molasses from the sugar cane, edible ethereal oils and natural concentrates of fruit juices.


Floors and parquet floors.

Washing facilities and kitchens.

Glass and mirrors.


Spraying and baths of pets.

Cleaning of long-hair rugs.

Refreshing food.

Public utilities.

Washing and biologization of house.

Pools and waterholes.

Pot plants.


Revitalized water, dried fruits and lavender oil from ecological crops, fruit juices concentrate, fructose, SCD ProBio Original probiotic mother cultures, SCD ProBiotic Essence, SCD Ceramic Powder, fermenting extract from spelt brans.


Floors and parquet floors: Spray floor with 10% solution of BioKlean soft™ (for example 500 ml of BioKlean soft™ / 5L of warm water) and after few minutes clean floor with 2% solution (for example 100 ml of BioKlean soft™ / 5L of warm water).

Washing facilities and kitchens: Spray with 10% solution and clean after few minutes. BioKlean soft™ reduces occurrence of mold on grouts and blocks its development. Stronger dirts shall be treated with concentrate: apply it on the dirt, leave for couple of hours and then clean and wash away.

Glass and mirrors: Damp the surface with 5% solution of BioKlean Soft and clean with wiper. In case of strong dirts prepare stronger solution: up to 50%. Addition of couple of drops of soap positively influences on effectiveness of cleaning.

Cleaning floor-coverings and upholsterings: Upholstering shall be bepowdered with Bokashi and sprayed with 10% solution of BioKlean soft™. Leave it for the night, vacuum-clean in the morning.

Spraying and baths of pets: BioKlean soft™ for animals should be used in proportions 5%-10% (1:19-1:9) in spraying, rinse and baths - it enhances treatment of skin diseases and wounds. You can add couple of drops of Microorganic soap into the bath. To minimalize unpleasant odors it is recommended to spray places of rest of pets: beddings, divans, terrariums, cages and playpens with 10% solution of BioKlean soft™.

Cleaning long-hair rugs: Bepowder rug with Bokashi and spray it with 10% solution of BioKlean soft™. Leave for the night and vacuum-clean in the morning. In case of lite dirts vacuum-clean after 30 minutes.

Refreshing food: Every vegetable and fruit shall be sprayed with 10% solution of BioKlean soft™ before putting it in the refrigerator. Meat should be soaked in 10% solution of BioKlean Soft™. Clean the refrigerator with 10% solution of BioKlean soft™.

Washing and biologization of house: Use BioKlean soft™ for fabrics as a 1% flushing addition (1:100). You can add couple of drops of Microorganic Soap what will enhance effect of this process. BioKlean soft™ makes fabrics softer to the touch and reduces residues of chemical detergents. You can use BioKlean soft™ instead of the washing powder: pour 50 ml of BioKlean soft™ into container for the fabric conditioner and 50 ml of ProBio Cleaner into container for the washing powder. Spray linen, closet interiors, furniture, every room with 10% solution of BioKlean soft™.

Pools and waterholes: Apply 1L of BioKlean soft™ / 1m³ several times in a season.

Pot plants: Spraying flowers and cleaning leaves: 10% solution of BioKlean soft™.


Effectively removes the dirts.

Refreshes and ionizes air by displacing the infective microflora.

Reduces or eliminates bad organic odors.

Inhibits processes of oxidation of many substances and materials.

Reduces allergens, disinfects and hygienizes places of application.

Hygienizes and clarifies water in small pools and waterholes.


Don't mix it with chemical preparations, detergents and other disinfectants.


BioKlean soft™ is completely natural and safe for the environment, people, animals and plants. In case of getting into eyes - clean with clear water.


Keep in dark and cool place, away from children. 


1L, 5L, 10L, 20L.