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what probiotics are?

Bacteria are the oldest organisms on Earth, which have special properties. They consumen nutritions from enivironment and reproduce. Every human consists of trillions of bacteria which are necessary to maintain him alive. It has been proven that there must be a way of charging information about amount of bacteria left in population. Bacteria are multilingual, among others they have so-called LuxS-dependent cell-to-cell language.


Jędrzej Soporowski: probiotics influence on human’s health in very favourable way. Human body can’t produce sufficient amount of pro-health associations, so it needs antibiotics which lead to multitude of beneficial bacteria. People need additional complexes of useful probiotics to funtion properly.

health products for people in south africa

Grant Morgan: the health situation in Africa is very difficult. Most of the people, especially in villages, live below the level of poverty, there’s many HIV infections, problems with hypertension, headaches, afflictions of digestive tract. Use of bacteria has been found out to be helpful in treatment of above-mentioned afflictions: people who had been receiving probiotics experienced significant enhancement of health conditions.