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livestock breeding with use of probio ems

Probiotics form into complexes of useful cultures and are a source of enzymes. They play significant role in pig breeding. Use of probiotics helps with proper growth of animals. Probiotics should be added to feeds or used as sprayings. They eliminate occurence of flies and odors. Probiotics are also added to wilted silages used for cattle feeding.

probio ems in agriculture

Kazimierz Kosakowski M.Sc., eng. talks on his poultry farm. Depending on commonly negative view of poultry fattened with antibiotics and chemicals he decided to use only Probiotic Technology on his farm. He uses herbs and probiotics instead of chemicals. He also uses probiotics for manure treatments. Manure treated with probiotics does not heat up, ferments faster and resembles compost.

PROBIO EMs in cattle breeding

Footage presenting use of Probiotic Technology in cattle breeding. Talk on ProBio Ems’s positive influence on animal condition. Probiotics are effective at eliminating mycosis, reducing occurence of diarrheas and have positive influence on skin problems.

PROBIO EMs in dog, cat and horse breeding

Utterance of experienced dog breeder - Mrs Izabela Jaglarz on breeding, nurture and problems in dog breeding and solutions deriving from ProBio Ems - probiotics for animals.

SCD congress: PROBIOTic TECHNOLOGy SCD in livestock breeding

Andras Hidas: Hungarians have problems with rabbits breeding. Rabbits are very sensitive, use of many antibiotics in rabbits breeding is a necessity. Problems have also occured in goose breeding - mycosis. Probiotics led to remit of mycosis and gastrointestinal diseases. Probiotics in goose breeding cleanse eggs thus nestlings stopped to be sick after hatching.