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Ema5 1L

Ema5 natural probiotic preparation which is suppressing the amount of pathogens and pests lingering in soil.

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Ema5 Composition of probiotics fabricated in natural process of fermentation, based on useful probiotics, vinegar, molasses from the sugar cane and ethyl alcohol.

Ema5 is highly effective at reducing and eliminating conditions supporting development of fungal diseases and some of pests, for example: noble rot, mealybug, bacteriosis, smut, beet webworm, aphid, Colorado potato beetle, gall gnats, apple blossom weevil, apple scab, potato blight, delia antiqua, alternariosis, fusariosis.

Ema5 is especially effective with addition of ProBio Ems™, EmFarma™ and EmFarma Plus™.


Reduces amount of pathogens and pests.

Enhances plants resistance to stress (ground forsts, drought).

Boosts natural resistance to pathogens nad pests.

Reduces and displaces fungal diseases, increases durability of stored plants.


Lactic acid bacteria, phototropic bacteria, fermenting fungi, yeasts, ecological molasses from the sugar cane, revitalised water, vinegar, ethyl alcohol. 

DOSAGE of Ema5:

Soil: spraying with 5%-10% solution of Ema5 in addition of EmFarma Plus.

During plant growth: 1-4 sprayings of Ema5 (concentration: 0,5%-1%), most frequently as an addition to EmFarma or EmFarma Plus sprayings.


Don't mix it with chemical preparations for protecting plants, artificial fertilizers, detergents and disinfectants. Don't apply during high temperature insolation.


Keep in dark and cool place, away from children.


0,5L, 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L.