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PROBIO EMs in wastewater treatment plants

Michał Paca M.Sc., eng. runs waste sorting department and wastewater treatment plant where he uses probiotics. Probiotics restore patency of gutters, enhance biological processes. Probiotics are used in following wastewater treatment plants: Turek (they let receive more sewage), Łowicz (sediments are processed into compost), Pomiechówek (double volume of the ponds) and Józefów (eliminating pathogens from sediments). Probiotics in every above mentioned wastewater treatment plant reduce odors, hygienize sewage, enhance desiccation and cleansing processes.


Rupert Van Der Merve - works on probiotics for 15 years, promulgates environment-friendly system, produces Bokashi and uses it for kitchen recycling. Use of this method leads to financial profits, decline of wastes, flies and other bugs amount. Wastes are used after fermentation which proceeds in special piles arranged by alternate laying layers of kitchen wastes and organic matter.


Dubai is a region with strong influence of environment, full of deserts. Dubai has a multicultural society, workers make half of its population and they are explicitly unaware of ecological issues. Project involves schools where Bokashi bins are used, children and their parents are coached. Government isn’t well-disposed towards ecological solutions thus project establishes also 4-days Bokashi training courses. Companies, clinics, real estate possessors and sporting clubs are invited to collaboration. Project is widely promulgated in the field of social medias.

KWADRANT EKOSYSTEM in wastewater treatment plants