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Bokashi balls

Specially prepared BOKASHI balls restore the biological balance in water tanks, eliminate odors and reduce the water immersion in ponds.

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5,00 zł

BOKASHI balls are a way to work with the environment. Clay contained in the Bokashi balls is excellent for transferring the microorganisms to the bottom of the ponds.

Bokashi balls are used for contaminated, muddy water bodies (ponds) to improve water quality in wells. They consist of clay, Bokashi, ProBio Original, cane molasses and non-chlorinated water.

BOKASHI balls recipe:
Mix: 5kg clay + 0.5kg Bokashi + 0.25l Sugar cane molasses + 100ml ProBio Original + Non-chlorinated water. Water is added in such proportions that the consistency of the mass is possible to form balls, then we place the balls in a dark and warm place to grow into useful microorganisms. After 7 days the balls are ready for use.

We put 1-2 balls per 1m3 of water (in extreme cases 3 balls). We apply twice in high season, spring and late summer. Up to two weeks after the treatment on the surface will appear "coat" of organic matter, which rises from the bottom of the pond, this proves the normal natural revitalization process. Gradually water becomes clear and algae disappear. Over time, we will not have to repeat this procedure every year.



We keep a small supply of Bokashi balls. Usually we make balls for order. Waiting time for Bokashi balls - about 7-14 days

500-600g / 1 ball