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Bokashi 2 kg

Bokashi is an unique product which fulfills many functions such as: activation of fermentation processes, pre-ferment for composting kitchen waste, addition enhancing settlement conditions of animals and plants.

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Bokashi is rich in highly valuable nutritional elements such as wheat brans and rice brans fermented with addition of probiotic cultures included in EmFarma and SCD ProBio Original, structuralised and purged water, ecological molasses from the sugar cane and rock salt.


It eliminates burdensome odors in composters deriving from various organic matter, kitchen waste, external toilets, fermenting plant slurries, housing of animals, open-air exercise areas included.

Eliminates rotting processes and replaces them with fermentation.

Enhances biophysicochemical system in soil and eliminates soil pathogens.

Strenghtens the nurture, has a positive influence on growth and crops.


Revitalisation of ponds and waterholes: 
can be seen here.

Bokashi Balls: Specially prepared Bookashi Balls bring back biological balance in artificial bodies of water, eliminate odors and reduce water turbidity in ponds.

Ingredients: clay, probiotic cultures, Bokashi - fermented wheat and rice brans, molasses from the sugar cane and non-chlorine water.

Recipe for Bookashi Balls:
 Stir clay with slight amount of slime from destined pond. Additions for 500 grams of Bokashi: 5 kg of clay + 0,25L of Molasses from the Sugar Cane + 100 ml of preparation with probiotics + non-chlorine water (from the same pond or well). Proportion of the water should be adjusted to consistency of mass so the mass could be formed in balls. After forming balls keep them in dark and warm place for a week. In this period of time useful probiotics will reproduce oneself in the balls). After that the balls are ready to use. Drop 1-2 Bokashi Balls for 1 m² of water. This procedure should be repeated twice for a season, during spring and at the end of a summer. Moreover we can also use preparation with probiotics (for example EmFarma) as an adjunct. No longer than in two weeks after the procedure scums of organic matter which arise from the bottom of the pond will occur on the surface of the water. This will be indicating normal and natural course of revitalisation. Gradually water will become lucid and algae will fade away. Later, when balance will be determined, there will be no necessity to reapeat this process every year.

For composting kitchen waste:                                                                                                                   
You may recycle kitchen waste and other biological residues with Bokashi during segregating it in special containers. Every layer of waste should be precisely and totally bepowdered with Bokashi brans and tightly huddled. Bokashi will start off the fermentation process, neutralize bad odours and enhance composition of waste. Next layers should be added till filling the container. You can remove overflow of eluate accumulating at the bottom of the container 2-3 times in a week. This eluate is a concentrated, highly nutritioning fluid which can be used to watering the flowers if you dissolve it with non-chlorine water. Waste processed with addition of Bokashi is a great microbiological graft for the soil.

As an addition to pot plants:
Once or twice in a month. Bepowder surface of the soil in a pot or add it during preparing the soil.                                   

As an addition to litter boxes, cages, terrariums etc.:
Mix 100-200 ml of Bokashi with clumping cat litter, hay etc. This procedure should be repeated every time you exchange the litter.


Apply under the trees in proportions 0,2 - 1 kg/1 m². Ornamental plants should be bepowdered strictly on the flower-bed. Use in addition of EmFarma or eluate of Bokashi fermentings is recommended.

Preparation of the flower soil from compost:
Add 5% of Bokashi and 1,5%-3% producted orgranic fertilizer into whole mass of compost and stir it. Prepare it about 14 days before using the soil.

Bepowder whole lawn once for couple of months or every time you need to with smaller portions of Bokashi. Normal proportions: 0,2 kg of Bokashi/1 m² or 1 kg of Bokashi/1 m² if the soil has low fertility rate or has lesser amount of organic matter.  


Keep in tightly closed pack in dry and dark place.


Don't mix it with chemical preparations for protecting plants, artificial fertilizers, detergents and disinfectants. Don't apply during high temperature insolation.


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