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Used products: BioKlean Soft, ProBio Ceramic

Excessive development of algae and water cloudiness are proof suggesting that microorganisms present in water don’t keep up with processing overflow of organic matter lingering in water. Moreover in this environment predominate harmful microorganisms which conduct incomplete decomposition - rotting.

To block rotting of organic matter and excessive development of algae use 1L of BioKlean Soft/9 m³ water during spring. Repeat this 3 times, once in 30 days. Dilute preparation with amount of water which will let spreading solution evenly over whole surface of the pond.

Additional use of ProBio Ceramic increases efectiveness of treatments. Use one pouch (0,5 kg)/10 m³ of water. Ceramic can be spread all over the pond, hang in pouches in severe spots in the pond or put in filter. In case of ponds with water filter instalation containing ultraviolet or ultrasonic lamp, disconnect this appliances before treatment.