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Green Soap™ (Liquid) 300ml Maximize

Green Soap™ (Liquid) 300ml

Green Soap™ is a gentle hypoallergenic cosmetic with regenerative properties for sensitive skin. Based on valuable ecological ingredients such as young barley, laur ovile oil, molasses from the sugar cane and ProBio Powder. Contains useful probiotics.

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Young barley: contains natural antioxidant (chlorophyl) which provides nutrition and revitalises cuticle.

Laur olive oil: has been used in the natural soaps for the centuries, soothing for skin.

Molasses: soothing and nutritive, enhances skin complexion.

Herbs and wheat brans fermented with ProBio Ems: adjust pH of the skin, have antiflamming and antiseptic properties, gently peels and vitalizes skin environment.

Soap doesn't contain any irritating chemicals, SLES, SLS, parabens, preservatives and artificial coloring. GMO-free. Fully biodegradable.


Boosts, feeds and rejuvenates.

Introduces pH balance by microfloral metabolites contends.

Vitalizes the skin.

Feeds regenerating cells.


Appropriate for whole body hygiene.