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Ema5 z wrotyczem™ 10L

Ema5 with Tansy™ - this preparation is effective at suppressing the populations of Otiorrhynchus, scarab beetles, click beetles and eliminating them.

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Ema5 with Tansy™ enhances effects of EmFarma™ and EmFarma Plus in the fields of restoring environmental health, suppressing invasions of mildew diseases and puryfing from scarab beetles and weevils.

Ema5 with Tansy™ is a specifically preprared composition of probiotics, based on SCD ProBio Original, which undergone an additional fermentation with vinegar, alcohol and tansy.


Ema5 with Tansy reduces or eliminates conditions favoring development of fungal diseases and some of the pests.

DOSAGE of Ema5 with Tansy:

People who use of Ema5 don't need dosage interval because the preparation is completely harmless for humans.

Hygienization and regeneration of subsoil:

Add 1L of Ema5 with Tansy to EmFarma for 1 m³ of subsoil.

Bioremediation of the soil:

Sprayings 5%-10% solution of Ema5 with Tansy mixed with EmFarma Plus.

Vermins such as scarab beetles and weevils:

Plantations of raspberries and strawberries: 10L sprayings of Ema5 with Tansy for 1 ha diluted with 500L of water.

Lawns: 1L sprayings of Ema5 with Tansy/100 m² in 20L of water.

It is best to perform every treatment containing useful probiotics during cloudiness, dampness, with moisturized soil.


Don't mix it with chemical preparations for protecting plants, artificial fertilizers, detergents and disinfectants. Don't apply during high temperature insolation.


Keep in dark and cool place, away from children.


1L, 5L, 10L, 20L.