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Microorganic shampoo for dogs 250ml Maximize

Microorganic shampoo for dogs 250ml

The delicate shampoo base is complemented by many valuable, nutritious and soothing oils: tea tree, avocado, macadamia nuts and olives. The addition of fermented herbs and organic acids provides a low pH - around 5.5 - perfect for dog skin. With this shampoo has moisturizing effect and prevents dandruff.


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probiotic strains of microorganisms, herbs from organic plantations - calendula and hops (bactericidal effect) and fermented green tea leaves (antifungal effect). Suitable for all types of fur.


• wash and refresh,

• relieve itching,

• inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi,

• ensures a micro-organism balance on the skin of the dog,

• anti-dandruff.


Once applied to the hair and skin thoroughly spread it, massage and leave 2-3 minutes on the skin of the dog. Then rinse. Need to use after trimming, brushing, clipping. Suitable for bathing puppies. Shampoo is designed for frequent use.

Packaging capacity: 250 ml